A job platform for people with disabilities in tech.

NextBillion is a community for all people with disabilities interested in technology-related roles and companies (engineering, data, product, design, and research). 100% free, forever.

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Some of our employer partners:
“Through NextBillion, I’ve now learned to thrive at presenting myself to employers and have succeeded in getting competitive jobs & internships.“
Headshot of Courtenay
Courtenay, Software Engineer
“NextBillion has brought community, support, and networking opportunities. Most importantly, they’ve convinced me that I’m not alone in this process.”
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Jake, Data Scientist / PM
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How It Works

1. Join Community

After verifying your application, we invite you to join hundreds of other people in our community.

2. On-demand access to mentors & resources

Request introductions to mentors, schedule 1-on-1 sessions with our team or get help with any step of your job process — anytime.

3. Connect With Employers

As you work towards your goals, we’ll continue to get your profile in front of inclusive employers.

Who is this for?

If you qualify for all 3 criteria below, you can apply to join the community:

🖥 All professional or aspiring engineers, data scientists, product managers, and designers.
🌎 Based anywhere around the world, with a strong interest in the field of technology.
💬 Identify as a student, graduate, alumni or a professional with any disability.
Access mentors & jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by ‘disability’?

No, we welcome people with all kinds of disabilities. This includes, but is not limited to, physical, chronic, mental health, learning, neurological disabilities, etc. We follow the ADA definition of disability.

I'm not in a technical field, can I still apply?

Yes, if you're interested in roles such as marketing, business development, H.R. & research within technology companies, you can still join the community although we can best support people in technical fields.

As an individual, how can I support your mission?

If you're an industry professional, you can join as a mentor or have your employer as a partner. 1 in 2 people either have a disability or know someone with a disability — so sharing our mission forward could change someone's life.

Is there a cost to join the community?

No, this community is 100% free for people with disabilities to join and be a part of.

I have a different question, or just want to say hello!

For media, press inquiries or any other questions, please email us at: connect [at] nextbillion [dot] org

How does NextBillion work with employers?

Employers partner with NextBillion on recruiting and talent services in order to support diversity & inclusion efforts, hire top technical talent and comply with diversity mandates.

Why should my organization hire people with disabilities?

People with disabilities bring unique value (Getting to Equal 2018 — Accenture), have higher job retention rates, are proven to perform equally or better than average, and are not expensive to accommodate. It is the world's largest minority group, so we hope you don't miss out on untapped talent.

Are you a non-profit or a for-profit organization?

NextBillion is a for-profit social enterprise based in Vancouver, Canada. We believe in building a sustainable company with a bold mission to scale our impact beyond anything previously seen in the disability inclusion space.