Forward Deployed Security Engineer



Palo Alto, CA

Requirements & Responsibilities

What We Value: • Technical degree or similar experience. • Exposure to a range of security disciplines and deep familiarity with one or more (e.g., IR/Forensics, Incident Analysis, Architecture/Strategy). • Ability to effectively communicate complex technical concepts to diverse audiences, both orally and in writing. • Ability to travel at least 50% of the time, with opportunities to travel up to 75% if desired. Preferred: • Experience at the CISO-level building security teams and programs. • Experience working in environments with 10s to 100s of thousands of endpoints. • Strong ability to program in modern languages (eg., Python or Java).

About the Employer

At Palantir, we're helping the world's most important institutions use their data to solve their most urgent problems. Our software lets our customers integrate and analyze all of their data so they can answer questions that they couldn't before. From delivering disaster relief to building safer automobiles, we're honored to help make our partners better at their most important work.Together with our customers, we're building the future of national security, healthcare, energy, finance, manufacturing, and more. And we need bright minds from around the world to help us.

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