Collaboration makes change possible.

We work with universities & companies in tech across US & Canada to collaboratively support students with disabilities. ✨

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Our Brand Partners

How we collaborate with tech companies

Hire students with disabilities, engage employees as mentors and build an inclusive brand.

Access resumes of students with disabilities from our community. Employees with disabilities have higher productivity, more innovative ideas, and tax incentives for hiring.
Source: Center for Talent Innovation's D&I Report, Lime Connect, 2017
Inclusion Training
Employees are trained on how to build mentoring relationships & working with people with disabilities. Employees that are mentors are proven to be promoted 6x more often.
Source: Chronus Corporation, 2013
Brand Value
Increase brand value in targeted universities, student communities & capitalize on CSR opportunity. Next Gens rate company values over salary, with many choosing to only work for ethical companies.
Source: Telefonica Millennial Survey 2013

How we collaborate with universities

Providing students personalized mentorships and easy access to the tech industry.

Personalized Support
Provide 1v1 personal mentorship from industry leaders, guiding resources. Mentored individuals are promoted 5x more often.
Source: Chronus Corporation, 2013
Inclusive Communities
Promote & build an inclusive community for students with disabilities — reduce stigma on campus & increase disability disclosure.
Industry Opportunities
Work with industry leaders to break down barriers in disability employment rates and bring additional jobs/internship opportunities for students.
Source: Telefonica Millennial Survey 2013

Measured impact of the mentorship program

Students felt more confident to join the workforce. Mentors are more inclusive while working with people with disabilities.

Increased student employability
Our mentees are 28% more employable after going through a mentorship cohort.
More inclusive employees
Our mentors are 50% more confident in being inclusive for people with different disabilities.
Mentorships completed
We have matched 170 mentors & mentees across US & Canada over 3 mentorship cohorts