Our Story

Kartik, one of our co-founders, was born in India and is visually impaired. He was denied the opportunity to study at the top technology school in India just because of his disability. However, under the guidance of a mentor, Kartik was accepted to Stanford to study computer science on a full scholarship.

Since then, he has now completed his degree, become the first visually impaired student in India to pursue computer science post-high school, worked with IBM, Microsoft, Uber & the UN, and received honors from the Queen & the Limca Book of Records.

1.3 billion people with disabilities globally face similar barriers to equal opportunity. Our mission is to empower this next billion to reach their full potential by breaking down the barriers around disability.

Awards & Recognition

 World Summit Award
Google for Entrepreneurs
Comic Relief
Good Works Houston
SXSW 2017
Spring University
Queens Young Leaders
Internet Society

Core team

Our team has first-hand experience with disability, life-changing mentorships & the tech industry.

Naitik Mehta

CEO, Co-founder

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Siddhant Mehta

Co-founder, Product

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Kartik Sawhney


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Bijan Mawji


Advisory Team

We’re grateful to have the support of an experienced group of advisors to push us forward in our mission.

Dana Ramnarine

Diversity Recruiting

Derick D'Souza


Kalpana Sanghrajka

Product Strategy

Kimberly Johnston

Business Strategy

Melinda Epler

Diversity & Inclusion

Roberto Moteczuma

Business Strategy